About Us


DecoBest BV. was founded in 2014 and started with the trading of coconut items and cinnamon sticks from North-Sumatra. Being owner and founder of DecoBest BV. I have my roots in green coffee business from North-Sumatra. Having travelled more than 60 times to this beautiful and rich area, I met with many people who were not only involved in green coffee but also met with many exporters of several other types of commodities. Knowing the mentality and the specifics of this region, it was only a small step for me to start exporting and developing business in the mentioned commodities and other natural decorations. Together with our local, experienced staff in origin, we are making a start to source, process and export cinnamon sticks, various different coconut items and many other natural decorations ourselves. Our goal is to become a trustworthy and reliable supplier for the decoration and food market worldwide. Our service is to deliver the goods, when necessary basis Customs Cleared, to the warehouse of any buyer worldwide. We are awaiting your inquiries ! Yours faithfully, Ruud Kaag